Kitchen Refit, Manchester

Interior design for kitchens

At RH Joinery we specialise in using high quality timber to improve residential and business projects. In a family home there are a variety of projects that need to be complete in order for life to run smoothly, and even to enhance the enjoyment of living in that space. Although fashions and lifestyles have changed somewhat over the decades, the heart of a home is often the kitchen. Clients often approach us when years of wear and tear have taken their toll to research new options for their kitchen area. Beyond this, clients want to improve their experience in the kitchen area as it is the heart of their home life. Trends suggest that because the kitchen is so important to many, people have increasingly chosen to bring their cooking and dining space together. it adds flow, it is convenient. It makes sense. When there is food to be prepared perhaps we feel separated when there are closed doors and walls between us and the rest of home life. That’s where the open plan kitchen diner space concept has soared in popularity. Walls are being ripped down. Extensions constructed so that the whole household can be together cooking talking eating studying relaxing.

What RH Joinery can do to help

As the saying goes: no job is to big or too small for our team. Clients use us as a ‘one stop shop’ for projects from start to finish. From initial consultation, structural consultation, budget planning, design, styling and finishing touches, we complete everything to the client’s specifications. We offer a range of sources for high quality fitted kitchens to fit with your dream kitchen ideas. We work closely with customers to ensure that their budget goes as far as as possible. This means that if there is anything that does not need to be replaced, we can provide the most time and cost effective solutions. a total transformation can be achieved in a matter of days by refacing an existing kitchen. Alternatively if a kitchen space is to be reconstructed perhaps within an altered or extended space, old units can be reused. New doors and work surfaces can transform your home. Nobody would ever know.

Bespoke joinery and design

We know that no two homes are the same. The older they get the weirder the angles and corners can be. As all our work is bespoke, we have the experience, knowledge and confidence to identify the best solution and to make your kitchen work for you! We want you to enjoy your new kitchen.

We cater too for kitchen refits no matter what the scale! We can supply kitchen cabinets, worktops, sinks and flooring and advise you on a range of kitchen appliances from reputable brands to finish off your dream kitchen.